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NRO, Network for Reproductive Options, is a non-profit organization offering reproductive health support and resources to women and girls.  NRO’s Hotline, staffed by trained volunteers, provides information and financial assistance to help women get the abortions they need.  Our Women in Need (WIN) Fund helps hundreds of Oregon women every year thanks to our supporters.

There are many groups dedicated to serving women and girls who choose abortion: political organizations working for reproductive rights, individuals and clinics who provide abortions, and there is NRO, because in this time, in this country, we need to fund abortion access.

The services and resources we offer are based on a belief in reproductive justice.  Our education programs provide a grassroots teaching approach concerning women’s bodies, reproductive health and sexuality.  Visit our News & Views page for discussions of motherhood decisions, abortion access and reproductive health topics.  Use our Resource Center to find out about other organizations and information in areas of reproductive health.



Here's what's happening:

  • Our 2013 annual Newsletter (pdf) is available now. Please go take a look.
  • NRO volunteers participated in 'All Above All' Lobby Day in Washington DC in support of repealing the Hyde Amendment and reversing state laws aimed at making abortions less accessible.
  • Over one hundred people attended special NRO hosted screenings of the powerful new documentary AFTER TILLER in both Portland and Eugene! Both events featured moderated panel discussions following the feature.
  • Support NRO's work every month by becoming a member of the Aunt Flo Fund!

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