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bookWithout Estrogen: Natural Remedies for Menopause and Beyond

Dee Ito

Presents the findings of three years of research by one journalist into alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy. Reports specific and helpful information.

bookWoman: An Intimate Geography

Natalie Angier

Lifts the veil of secrecy from that most enigmatic of evolutionary masterpieces: the female body; mesmerizing and accessible tour of female anatomy and physiology.

bookWomanspirit Rising

Collection of 20 different authors. Edited by, Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow

A feminist reader in religion.

bookWomen as Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and Women’s Freedom

Janice G. Raymond

A scathing analysis of high-tech biomedical reproductive techniques; far from being liberatory issues of choice they represent a threat to women’s basic human rights.

bookWomen at Risk: The HPV Epidemic and your Cervical Health

& Yagsur Henderson

Explains the dangerous and relatively unknown human papillomavirus – the primary cause of cervical cancer and now the #1 sexually transmitted disease.

bookWomen of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement

Jennifer Nelson

The story of the contributions of women of color to the analysis and history of the struggles for reproductive rights in the US.

bookWomen's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

Christiane Northrup

Up to date information on a wide range of women’s health issues.


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