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Grassroots Health Education

NRO provides information and resources to women of all ages about their reproductive options and lifelong healthy sexuality. We offer workshops and other presentations to help women learn more about their bodies, their sexual choices, and their reproductive health. In them, we acknowledge the vast diversity of women’s bodies and experiences.

We believe people’s knowledge and experience of their own bodies is, and should be, at the center of their health care practice.  Our presenters and workshop facilitators share their knowledge and enable other women to talk about their own experiences.  Our work is rooted in the philosophy of feminist self-help, aiming to help women and girls become their own medical advocates, secure in knowledge of their own bodies.  We use clear straightforward language, offer multiple views of “normal” and tools for self-discovery, and foster thought-provoking discussion among participants.

Our recent workshop offerings have included Conducting Cervical Self-Exams, Fertility Awareness and a popular comprehensive slide presentation on Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health. We also offer a curriculum to schools and other community organizations addressing Menstruation Education for pre-teens and adolescents.

Call us or send an email if you want to arrange a presentation or workshop or get more information.

Community Resource Library

NRO maintains a library of books and other media on women’s reproductive health topics and issues related to reproductive justice.  We want to create a space for the community to do their own research, educating themselves about issues important in their daily lives. A catalog of the items in the library can be found in our Resource Center listings.  Please contact us if you want to get a library item or visit our library.  Donations of relevant books and other educational materials are welcome.