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Hotline & Financial Assistance

NRO Hotline Overview

When women and girls or their allies call the NRO Hotline, they speak directly with a trained volunteer who can help them get support for abortion healthcare: information, referrals, and help with insurance and financial assistance.  NRO’s Women in Need Fund, a source of financial assistance, is managed by these volunteers.  The Hotline works on a call-back basis and Spanish-speakers are on hand.  Learn more about calling the Hotline, and read stories from Hotline Volunteers about their work and about women who have used the Hotline.

Financial Assistance with the Women in Need Fund

Though abortion is legal in the United States, access to abortion is often extremely difficult and expensive. A typical abortion currently costs between $400 and $600; special procedures may cost as much as $3,000.  More than 75% of the counties in Oregon have no abortion providers, so the full cost of each procedure will often include transportation, lodging, and childcare arrangements.

access for all women

NRO’s WIN Fund was created to help deal with these difficulties for women and girls who do not have the resources and who are ineligible or have been denied coverage by the Oregon Health Plan. 

Each year we raise money to assist with abortion expenses in Oregon and, in exceptional cases, nearby Idaho and Washington. Last year, thanks to many supportive donors, we were able to give more than $70,000 to those who needed help.  Learn more about the WIN Fund and other sources of financial aid.

Access to abortion is shrinking and the cost of that access is rising.  Moreover, the demand for abortion services is growing.  As our experience with the Hotline and WIN Fund show, the number of requests in our region continues to increase, making the need for donations greater than ever.  Join us in funding this crucial healthcare resource.